28 Appropriate Ways to Respond to “Shavua Tov”

28 Appropriate Ways to Respond to ‘Shavua Tov’ provides a comprehensive guide to responding to the traditional Jewish greeting that means “Have a good week.” ‘Shavua Tov,’ a phrase used after the conclusion of the Sabbath (Shabbat), signifies the start of a new week, carrying wishes of joy, prosperity, and peace. This collection offers a variety of heartfelt responses that not only reciprocate the good wishes but also enrich the exchange with warmth and personal touch, fostering a deeper sense of community and positivity as we step into the week ahead.

Appropriate Ways to Respond to “Shavua Tov”

  1. Thank you, wishing you a prosperous week ahead!
    Express gratitude and return the wish with hopes for a successful week.
  2. Same to you! May your week be filled with joy and peace.
    A reciprocal wish that adds a touch of hope for joy and peace.
  3. Shavua Tov! May we all have a week of achievements and happiness.
    Echo the greeting and extend a wish for collective success and happiness.
  4. Thank you! Let’s make this week great.
    Show appreciation and express a proactive approach to the coming week.
  5. Blessed week to you too!
    Offer a blessing in return, emphasizing the positivity for the week.
  6. May your week be as bright as the Havdalah candle.
    Draw a beautiful parallel with the Havdalah candle, symbolizing light and hope.
  7. Wishing you a week of peace and fulfillment.
    Focus on desires for peace and a sense of fulfillment throughout the week.
  8. To you as well! May we find joy in every day of the coming week.
    Reciprocate the wish and hope for joy in daily moments.
  9. Shavua Tov! Let’s carry the Shabbat peace into the week.
    Encourage carrying the tranquility of Shabbat into the weekdays.
  10. Thank you, and may blessings overflow in your week.
    Wish for an abundance of blessings for the person’s week.
  11. Here’s to a week of new opportunities and blessings!
    Look forward to a week filled with new chances and blessings.
  12. Wishing you a week as sweet as the wine from Havdalah.
    Wish for sweetness in the week, referencing the Havdalah wine.
  13. Let’s hope for a week of positivity and progress.
    Express hope for a week characterized by positive developments.
  14. Thank you! May your week be smooth and prosperous.
    Wish for a week that’s both trouble-free and successful.
  15. To a week of good health and happiness!
    Express specific wishes for health and happiness in the coming week.
  16. May this week bring you closer to your goals.
    Wish for the week to be a step forward towards achieving personal goals.
  17. Shavua Tov! Let’s spread kindness and positivity this week.
    Inspire actions of kindness and positivity throughout the week.
  18. Thank you, wishing you a week full of pleasant surprises.
    Hope for the week to be filled with unexpected joys.
  19. Wishing you strength and success in the week ahead.
    Express wishes for resilience and success in the coming week.
  20. May we all be blessed with a peaceful and productive week.
    Extend a collective wish for peace and productivity.
  21. Here’s to a week of inspiration and innovation!
    Look forward to a week marked by creativity and new ideas.
  22. May your week be as enriching as the Shabbat was restful.
    Wish for the week to offer enrichment, just as Shabbat offers rest.
  23. Thank you! Let’s embrace the challenges and joys of the new week.
    Encourage an open and positive attitude towards both difficulties and joys.
  24. To a week filled with learning and growth!
    Express hope for educational and personal development throughout the week.
  25. May your week be illuminated with love and warmth.
    Wish for a week filled with affection and comfort.
  26. Let’s make this week meaningful and rewarding.
    Inspire intentionality and the pursuit of rewarding experiences.
  27. Shavua Tov! May peace and prosperity be yours this week.
    Offer wishes of peace and prosperity for the week ahead.
  28. Thank you! Let’s all contribute to a week of harmony and cooperation.
    Encourage a spirit of cooperation and harmony among everyone.


As we explored 28 Appropriate Ways to Respond to ‘Shavua Tov’, we delved into the beautiful tradition of exchanging wishes for a good week. Each response, rooted in hope, kindness, and shared aspirations, reinforces the importance of community and the power of words to uplift and inspire. Whether through blessings of prosperity, wishes for joy, or hopes for peace, these responses offer a way to carry the spirit of Shabbat into the rest of the week, making our interactions more meaningful and our bonds stronger.

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