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Unsure about the plural of mango? No sweat, I’ve got you covered

plural of mango

Are you perplexed by the correct form of the plural of mango? Don’t worry, I’m here to squash any doubts you may have. When referring to multiple mango fruits, you can spell the plural as either “mangoes” or “mangos.” Both spellings are considered correct, so you have the freedom to choose whichever you prefer.

The Singular and Plural of Mango

SingularPlural (U.S.)Plural (U.K.)

The word “mango” follows a traditional pattern in English where the plural is formed by adding ‘-es’ to the singular form. This rule applies to most nouns ending in ‘o’ that are preceded by a consonant, turning “mango” into “mangoes” in its plural form.

plural of mango

Understanding Mango

Definition of Mango

A mango is a tropical fruit known for its sweet taste and fleshy texture. Botanically, it belongs to the genus Mangifera, primarily the species Mangifera indica. It's not just prized for its flavor but also for its nutritional value.

Usage of Mango

In English, the singular form of the word is ‘mango’. When it comes to pluralization, there are two accepted forms: ‘mangos’ and ‘mangoes. Both versions are correct, and their usage often depends on regional preferences. For instance, ‘mangos’ is commonly used in American English, whereas ‘mangoes’ is more prevalent in British English.

Use of Mango in Sentences

  1. Singular: I bought a mango from the market today.
  2. Plural (U.S.): There are five ripe mangos on the kitchen counter.
  3. Plural (U.K.): She added several mangoes to the fruit salad.
  4. Countable: Unlike some fruits, mangos/mangoes can be easily counted, e.g., “I have three mangos/mangoes in my bag.”
  5. Collective Usage: “The basket was full of mangoes/mangos,” here indicating a collective quantity.

Common Mistakes and Confusions

  • Mango’s vs. Mangos/Mangoes: ‘Mango’s’ with an apostrophe indicates possession and should not be confused with the plural forms.
  • Overgeneralization: Some might mistakenly believe that all English words ending in ‘-o’ form their plurals by adding ‘-es’. However, words like ‘pianos’, ‘photos’, and ‘mangos’ defy this rule.
  • Regional Variations: It’s important to remember that both ‘mangos’ and ‘mangoes’ are correct, and the choice between them often depends on regional or stylistic preferences rather than grammatical correctness.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q: Is ‘mangoes’ the only correct plural form of ‘mango’?
    A: No, both ‘mangoes’ and ‘mangos’ are correct, with usage varying by region.
  • Q: Can ‘mango’ also refer to the tree that bears the fruit?
    A: Yes, ‘mango’ can refer to both the fruit and the tree it grows on, but the plural form is generally used to refer to the fruit.


The plural of ‘mango’ demonstrates the fascinating diversity and flexibility of the English language. Understanding the dual acceptable plural forms, ‘mangos’ and ‘mangoes’, reflects a broader appreciation for linguistic nuances and regional differences. Whether you are savoring the fruit or indulging in language intricacies, the mango offers a rich field for exploration. Remember, language, much like the fruit, is diverse and full of flavor.

spelling issue


What is the correct plural form of mango?

The plural form of mango can be spelled as either “mangos” or “mangoes.” Both spellings are considered correct.

Why are there two different spellings for the plural of mango?

Some nouns, like mango, can be spelled in multiple ways and still be grammatically correct.

Which spelling should I use, “mangos” or “mangoes”?

In the United States, the shorter spelling “mangos” is generally preferred, but it ultimately depends on individual preferences and guidelines.

Are there any specific guidelines for using the plural forms of mango?

Different dictionaries, style guides, and publications may have their own preferences. It is best to be consistent with your spelling choice and follow the guidelines given to you.

Tell me more about mangoes and their cultivation.

Mangoes are grown in various parts of the world and come in many different varieties. They require careful farming practices, including irrigation, pest control, and pruning.

What are some ways to use mangoes in recipes?

Mangoes can be used in various recipes, including smoothies, salads, desserts, and salsas. They are a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

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