10 Power Phrases to Level Up Your Negotiation Game

Elevate your negotiation skills with 10 power phrases designed to build rapport, foster empathy, and find mutual gain. Master the art of negotiation now.

By: TexTribe

Unlock Your Negotiation Potential

Discover key phrases that can transform your negotiation skills and outcomes.

"What's Important to You?"

Understanding their priorities lays the groundwork for mutual gain.

"I Understand Your Position"

Empathy builds trust and opens the door for genuine dialogue.

"Let's Explore All Options"

Encouraging collaborative problem-solving leads to innovative solutions.

"Can You Help Me Understand...?"

Asking for clarification reveals their reasoning and creates rapport.

"Based on Our Discussion..."

Summarizing points shows active listening and clarifies mutual understandings.

"What if We Consider...?"

Proposing alternatives demonstrates flexibility and a willingness to compromise.

"How Does This Sound to You?"

Inviting feedback makes the negotiation a two-way conversation.

"I See This as a Starting Point"

Setting the stage for ongoing discussions emphasizes a long-term perspective.

"Your Success is Important to Us"

Affirming their value fosters a partnership rather than a rivalry.

Master Your Negotiations

Use these phrases to steer your negotiations towards successful outcomes.

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