10 Phrases Better Than "Just Checking In": Elevate Your Email Etiquette

Elevate your email etiquette with these 10 engaging phrases, moving beyond 'just checking in' to foster meaningful connections and collaboration.

By: TexTribe

Elevating Email Etiquette

Discover alternatives to the overused "just checking in" in professional emails.

Transform Your Check-Ins

Swap "just checking in" for "Hope you're well!" to show genuine concern.

Show Progress

"Following up on our project" demonstrates direct involvement and interest.

Offer Assistance

"Is there anything you need?" shifts the focus to support, fostering collaboration.

Request Updates

"Any updates on this?" is straightforward, prompting specific feedback.

Encourage Feedback

"Looking forward to your feedback" signals openness to constructive criticism.

Highlight Importance

"Let's keep the momentum going!" emphasizes the urgency and importance of the task.

Rekindle Connections

"Thought I’d check in!" offers a friendly nudge without seeming pushy.

Express Enthusiasm

"Eager to hear your thoughts!" conveys excitement and values the recipient's opinion.

Confirm Understanding

"Want to ensure we’re on the same page" prioritizes clarity and mutual agreement.

Sustain Dialogue

"Continuing our conversation" keeps the discussion flowing and engaged.

Cultivate Partnership

"Looking forward to advancing our collaboration" emphasizes forward movement together.

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