Weird plurals that are real words

Beeves This one might surprise you, but the plural of "beef" is actually "beeves." It's rarely used anymore, but you might come across it in historical texts. Most commonly, we use "beef" as a mass noun, so it wouldn't have a plural form anyway (like "water" or "sugar").

Criteria This word comes from Latin, and its plural follows the Latin pattern: "criteria."

Data Another word from Latin, "data" is the plural of "datum."

Noses This one seems pretty straightforward, but some might be surprised to learn that the plural of "nose" isn't "noses." It's simply "noses."

Syllabus The plural of "syllabus" is "syllabuses"  This one follows the standard way to form plurals for words ending in "us."

Stadia The plural of "stadium" isn't "stadiums."  It's actually "stadia." This follows the Latin pluralization rule.

Pennies While it might sound more natural to say "pennies," the formal plural of "penny" is actually "pence."

Niblings This is a relatively new word that is gaining traction. It refers to all of your siblings' children (your nieces and nephews).