1. "Acceleroad" replaces "highway" as cars become fully autonomous and travel at breakneck speeds.

2. "Virtually present" replaces "present" as remote work and virtual meetings become the norm.

3. "OrganicAI" replaces "artificial intelligence" as technology merges with nature and algorithms learn from the environment.

4. "UberElevate" replaces "driving" as air taxis become an accessible mode of transportation.

5. "Swipeable voting" replaces "voting" as digital platforms make it easy to cast your ballot from your phone.

6. "Memeja" replaces "curate" as people learn to create engaging content by studying memes that go viral.

7. "Genomejacket" replaces "prescription medication" as people turn to genetic therapies to improve their health.

8. "Greenlighted" replaces "approved" as sustainable projects become the new norm and traditional approvals become obsolete.

9. "CSIM" replaces "cybersecurity" as computers begin to fully understand and predict cybersecurity threats.

10. "Trackables" replaces "identifiable" as technology makes it possible to track every individual and asset in real-time.

11. "Realityshifter" replaces "VR developer" as the lines between virtual and real-life blur.

12. "Gastronomics" replaces "gourmet" as people become more health-conscious and food becomes a form of medicine.