how to pronounce the word "proverb":

Break it Down: Split the word into its syllables: prov-erb.

First Syllable Emphasis: Place emphasis on the first syllable "prov".

'Prov' Sound: The first syllable "prov" sounds like "prav" with a short 'o' as in "pot" or "dog".

'Erb' Sound: The second syllable "erb" sounds like "urb" with a schwa 'e', similar to the 'e' in "her".

Smooth Transition: Ensure a smooth transition between the syllables, without a significant pause: "PROV-erb".

Voiced Consonants: Make sure to voice both the 'v' in "prov" and the 'b' in "erb" clearly.

Practice Slowly: Practice saying the word slowly at first, then gradually increase your speed to a natural pace.

 Listen and Repeat: Listen to native speakers or pronunciation tools, and repeat until you feel confident with the pronunciation.