How to pronounce often in British English

Standard Pronunciation: In British English, "often" is most commonly pronounced as /ˈɒfən/, with a silent "t."

Alternative Pronunciation: Some speakers pronounce the "t" in "often," resulting in /ˈɒftən/, but this is less common and can be considered more formal or traditional.

Regional Variations: There are regional variations in pronunciation across the UK. For example, in some northern accents, the "t" might be more pronounced.

Received Pronunciation (RP): In Received Pronunciation, the standard form of British English, the "t" is usually silent, making it /ˈɒfən/.

Influence of Spelling: The spelling of "often" can mislead people into pronouncing the "t." However, the silent "t" pronunciation is more widely accepted in modern British English.

Historical Usage: Historically, the "t" in "often" was pronounced. Over time, the pronunciation evolved, and the silent "t" became the norm.

Audio Examples: Listening to audio examples from reliable sources like the BBC or Oxford English Dictionary can help in understanding the correct pronunciation.

Phonetic Practice: Practicing the phonetic spelling /ˈɒfən/ repeatedly can help solidify the correct pronunciation in your speech