Best tips for how to improve English pronunciation

Listen to Native Speakers: Tip: Regularly listen to native English speakers through various media like podcasts, TV shows, movies, and songs. Focus on the sounds, intonation, and rhythm they use.

Practice with Phonetic Resources: Tip: Use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to understand the exact sounds of English. This can help you learn the correct pronunciation of words.

Record and Compare: Tip: Record yourself speaking in English and then compare your pronunciation with native speakers.

Use Pronunciation Apps and Tools: Tip: Utilize language learning apps and websites that offer pronunciation exercises and feedback.

Practice Minimal Pairs: Tip: Work with minimal pairs (words that differ by only one sound, such as "ship" and "sheep") to improve your ability to distinguish and produce different sounds.

Work on Stress and Intonation: Tip: Pay attention to the stress patterns in words and the intonation in sentences, as these are crucial for natural-sounding speech. – 

Use Tongue Twisters: Tip: Tongue twisters are excellent for improving your articulation and control over difficult sounds

Engage in Conversations: Tip: Practice speaking English regularly with native speakers or fluent speakers. Real-life conversations are essential for applying what you've learned.