Plural of Pika: Everything You Need to Know

The plural of “pika” refers to several small, furry mammals that belong to the family Ochotonidae. These animals are similar to guinea pigs but are more closely related to rabbits. Pikas can be found in the mountains of North America and Asia. The correct plural form of pika is “pikas.”

The Singular and Plural of Pika


The singular form of the word is ‘pika,’ referring to a single animal. When discussing more than one of these creatures, the word transforms into ‘pikas.’ This follows the standard rule of adding an ‘s’ to a noun to form its plural in English.

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Understanding Pika

Definition of Pika

A pika (Ochotona princeps) is a small mammal belonging to the family Ochotonidae. They are often found in mountainous regions of North America and Asia. Pikas are known for their rounded ears, short limbs, and lack of a visible tail. They resemble rabbits but are much smaller in size.

Usage of Pika

Pikas are primarily mentioned in discussions related to wildlife, biology, and ecology. They hold a significant place in their ecosystems, often being a subject of study for their adaptability and response to environmental changes.

Use of Pika in Sentences

  1. Observational Context: “During my hike in the Rockies, I spotted a pika basking on a sunlit rock.”
  2. Ecological Impact: “Pikas are considered a keystone species, playing a crucial role in mountain ecosystems.”
  3. Comparative Study: “Unlike rabbits, a pika’s ears are much rounder and its tail almost invisible.”
  4. Conservation Efforts: “Conservationists are increasingly concerned about the declining pika population due to climate change.”
  5. Cultural Reference: “In the local folklore, the pika is often depicted as a wise and agile creature.”

Common Mistakes and Confusions

  • Pika vs. Rabbit: Although they appear similar, pikas are not rabbits. Confusing them due to their physical resemblance is a common mistake.
  • Pikas vs. Pika’s: ‘Pikas’ is the plural form, referring to more than one pika. ‘Pika’s’ is a possessive form, indicating something belonging to a single pika.
  • Pikachu Association: Some people mistakenly associate the word ‘pika’ with Pikachu, a character from the Pokémon series. While Pikachu was inspired by a rodent, it’s not directly related to the pika species.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is the plural of pika ever ‘pikae’?
    • No, ‘pikae’ is not a recognized plural form in English. The correct plural is ‘pikas.’
  2. Can ‘pika’ be used as a collective noun?
    • While ‘pika’ can refer to the species as a whole, when referring to a group of these animals, ‘pikas’ is the appropriate term.
  3. How do you pronounce ‘pikas’?
    • ‘Pikas’ is pronounced as pee-kahs, with emphasis on the first syllable.


Understanding the plural form of ‘pika’ offers more than just a linguistic insight; it opens a window into the world of these fascinating creatures. Correct usage of the term ‘pikas’ not only enhances linguistic precision but also reflects a deeper awareness of and respect for the natural world. In both singular and plural forms, the word ‘pika’ carries with it the charm and intrigue of the animal it represents, reminding us of the diversity and complexity of both language and nature.

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What is the plural form of “pika”?

The plural form of “pika” is “pikas.”

What are pikas?

Pikas are small, furry mammals that resemble guinea pigs but are more closely related to rabbits. They can be found in the mountains of North America and Asia.

Where do pikas live?

Pikas prefer rocky habitats and can be found in alpine meadows and talus slopes. They are well-adapted to cold environments and are often found in the mountainous regions of North America and Asia.

What are the main threats to pikas?

Pikas are considered at risk due to climate change, which can lead to overheating and loss of suitable habitats. Other threats include predation by larger animals, habitat loss due to human activities, and competition with other species.

Why is conservation important for pikas?

Conservation efforts are crucial to protect and preserve pikas and their ecosystems. By safeguarding their habitats and addressing threats like climate change, we can ensure the survival of these adorable and unique mammals.

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