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Plural of Kiwi: Correct Usage Made Simple

Plural of kiwi

The word “kiwi” holds a unique place in both the natural world and the English language. Predominantly known as the name of a distinctive bird native to New Zealand, it has also been adopted to describe a fruit popular worldwide for its distinctive taste and texture. Understanding the plural of “kiwi” not only enriches our language skills but also connects us to a broader cultural and natural context.

The Singular and Plural of Kiwi


The singular form “kiwi” refers to either a single bird or a single fruit. When speaking of more than one, the word simply becomes “kiwis. This straightforward pluralization follows the standard rule of adding an “s” to a noun ending in a vowel, making it easy to remember and use.

kiwi fruit

Understanding Kiwi

Definition of Kiwi

Kiwi (Bird): A flightless bird native to New Zealand, known for its small size, round shape, and long beak. It is a symbol of New Zealand and holds significant cultural importance.
Kiwi (Fruit): A small fruit with a fuzzy brown skin and bright green, sweet flesh, typically eaten raw and known for its high vitamin C content.

Usage of Kiwi

  • As a Bird: The term “kiwi” as a bird is often used in ecological, cultural, and tourism-related contexts. It’s a term that evokes the unique biodiversity of New Zealand.
  • As a Fruit: When referring to the fruit, “kiwi” is commonly used in culinary contexts. It’s associated with health, nutrition, and exotic flavors.

Use of Kiwi in Sentences

  1. Bird Context: “A group of kiwis was spotted foraging in the forest last night.”
  2. Fruit Context: “I added some kiwis to the fruit salad for a tangy flavor.”
  3. Cultural Reference: “As a symbol of their nation, New Zealanders are often affectionately called ‘Kiwis’.
  4. Dietary Use: “My doctor recommended eating kiwis regularly due to their high vitamin content.”
  5. Conservation Effort: “The wildlife reserve has been successful in increasing the kiwi population.

Common Mistakes and Confusions

  • Kiwi vs. Kiwifruit: The fruit is sometimes called “kiwifruit” to distinguish it from the bird. However, in common usage, “kiwi” is widely accepted for the fruit.
  • Kiwi as a Demonym: Confusion can arise when “Kiwi” is used to refer to people from New Zealand. Context is crucial to distinguish between this usage and the bird or fruit.
  • Pluralization: A common mistake is to use “kiwi” as both singular and plural. Remember, the plural is “kiwis”.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is the plural of kiwi always “kiwis”?
    • Yes, whether referring to the bird, the fruit, or New Zealanders, the plural is consistently “kiwis”.
  2. Can “kiwi” refer to something other than the bird or fruit?
    • Apart from the bird and fruit, “kiwi” is also a colloquial term for New Zealanders.
  3. How do you differentiate between the bird and the fruit in plural form?
    • The differentiation is mostly context-based. However, using “kiwifruit” for the plural form can help clarify when referring to the fruit.
kiwi bird plural


The word “kiwi” serves as a fascinating example of how a single term can traverse different realms: from the natural world of a unique bird to the culinary delight of a nutritious fruit, and even as a national identifier. Understanding its plural form, “kiwis,” allows us to navigate these different contexts with linguistic precision. The simplicity of its pluralization reflects the straightforward nature of English grammar rules, making it an accessible term for language learners and enthusiasts alike. Remember, the correct usage of plurals enriches our communication, linking us to broader cultural, ecological, and gastronomical worlds.


What is the plural of kiwi fruit?

The plural form of kiwi fruit can be “kiwi fruits,” “kiwi fruit,” or simply “kiwis.”

What is the plural form of kiwi bird?

The plural form of kiwi bird is “kiwis.”

What is the correct spelling of the plural form of kiwi?

The correct spelling of the plural form of kiwi is “kiwis.

Can I say “kiwies” or “kiwises” as the plural of kiwi?

No, the plural form of kiwi is not “kiwies” or “kiwises.” The correct plural form is “kiwis.

Why is the fruit called kiwi and not Chinese gooseberry?

The fruit was initially called “Chinese gooseberry,” but the name was changed to “kiwi” to capitalize on the association with New Zealand, where the fruit is primarily grown.

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