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Meaning Of LBVS – Slang Decoded

Meaning Of LBVS

LBVS stands for “Laughing But Very Serious.”

Definition of LBVS

LBVS, an acronym for "Laughing But Very Serious," is a unique piece of internet slang that captures a complex emotion often encountered in digital communication. This term is used to express a situation where the speaker finds something amusing or ironic, yet simultaneously wants to convey that they are serious about the underlying message or issue. It's particularly effective in text-based communication where conveying tone and intent can be challenging.

Usage of LBVS on Social Media

PlatformUsage ContextKid-FriendlySafe for WorkOfficial Use
InstagramCommon in captions and comments to convey irony or humor.YesModerateRarely
SnapchatUsed in snaps and chats to add a humorous tone.YesModerateRarely
TwitterAppears in tweets to highlight irony or mixed emotions.YesModerateRarely
FacebookUsed in posts and comments for lighthearted seriousness.YesModerateRarely
Text MessagingFrequent in personal texts to convey humor in serious talk.YesModerateRarely
Meaning Of LBVS

Origin of LBVS

The term “LBVS” emerged in the early 2000s, gaining traction on various social media platforms and in SMS. Its creation is a testament to the evolving nature of digital communication, where users constantly innovate new expressions to capture complex emotions and tones that traditional language sometimes fails to convey succinctly.

Cultural Significance of LBVS

LBVS is indicative of the broader cultural trend towards multifaceted, emotionally rich digital communication. It reflects a growing recognition of the nuanced ways in which people express themselves online, where textual communication lacks the non-verbal cues of face-to-face interaction. LBVS captures a specific emotional blend that is particularly resonant in the age of memes and online humor.

Variations and Evolution of LBVS

  • LBS: “Laughing But Serious” – a simpler variation, omitting the “very.”
  • LBSS: “Laughing But Super Serious” – an intensified version.
  • LBMVS: “Laughing But Mega Very Serious” – a hyperbolic, more humorous form.
  • These variations illustrate the playful nature of internet slang and its capacity to adapt and evolve.

Use of ‘LBVS’ in Sentences

  1. In a Text Message: “Just saw someone walk into a glass door, LBVS, hope they’re okay!”
    • Description: Mixing humor with concern in a casual context.
  2. On Instagram: “This diet has me eating kale every day, LBVS it’s not that bad.
    • Description: Using humor to comment on a personal experience, while also being serious about the effort.
  3. In a Tweet: “My cat just tried to jump but missed, LBVS, she thinks she’s a tiger.
    • Description: Finding humor in a pet’s antics while affectionately acknowledging its behavior.
  4. On Snapchat: Sends a snap of a failed baking attempt captioned “Chef in the making, LBVS.”
    • Description: Self-deprecating humor about a personal endeavor, yet seriously aspiring.
  5. In a Facebook Comment: “Our team lost again, LBVS we need better practice.”
    • Description: Expressing frustration humorously but also emphasizing the need for improvement.
  6. In a Casual Email: “I accidentally sent the report to the wrong John, LBVS, corrected it though.
    • Description: Lightly addressing a minor mistake with a serious follow-up in a workplace context.
  7. On a Forum Post: “Everyone’s complaining about the update, LBVS, it does have some issues.”
    • Description: Acknowledging community grievances with a blend of humor and agreement.
  8. In a Personal Blog: “Trying to be a morning person, LBVS, it’s a struggle.”
    • Description: Sharing a personal challenge with a humorous yet earnest tone.
  9. During an Online Class: “Math is like a foreign language to me, LBVS, I really need to study more.”
    • Description: Lightly commenting on academic difficulties while acknowledging the need for effort.
  10. In a Gaming Session: “I keep getting defeated, LBVS, need to up my game!”
    • Description: Expressing frustration in gaming with a humorous undertone, yet serious about improving.


Q: Is LBVS appropriate for formal communication? A: LBVS is predominantly casual and best suited for informal contexts. Its use in formal settings is not recommended due to its colloquial and humorous nature.

Q: How does LBVS differ from just saying ‘LOL‘ or ‘haha’? A: While ‘LOL’ or ‘haha’ are used to express laughter or amusement, LBVS adds an element of seriousness to the humor. It indicates that despite the laughter, the speaker is earnest about the underlying message.

Q: Can LBVS be misunderstood in text conversations? A: Yes, like many text-based expressions, LBVS can sometimes be misinterpreted, especially if the recipient is unfamiliar with the term or the context is not clear. It’s always important to consider the audience and the clarity of the message when using such slang.

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