121 Best Responses to “I’m Addicted to You”

Responding to someone saying “I’m addicted to you” can be playful, serious, or affectionate, depending on the nature of your relationship and the context. Here are 121 diverse responses that range from flirtatious banter to heartfelt replies, ensuring you have the perfect comeback for any situation.

121 Best Responses to “I’m Addicted to You”

  1. “And you’re my favorite habit!”
  2. “Lucky me, having such a dedicated fan!”
  3. “Just promise not to go into withdrawal!”
  4. “Then my mission to charm you is complete!”
  5. “Keep feeding that addiction with love!”
  6. “I hope there’s no cure!”
  7. “Should we look for a support group?”
  8. “I’m addicted to making you smile too.”
  9. “Guess we’re both in trouble, then!”
  10. “Addicted? I’m flattered!”
  11. “Then I hope it’s a healthy addiction.”
  12. “I’ll always keep you supplied with love.”
  13. Do you need your daily dose of me?”
  14. “We might just be each other’s type of drug.”
  15. “That’s because I’m your personal brand of heroin.”
  16. “I guess we’re stuck with each other then!”
  17. “Call me your sweet escape.”
  18. “Let’s never go to rehab.”
  19. “Best addiction ever, if you ask me!”
  20. Are there any side effects I should know about?”
  21. “Does that mean daily doses of kisses are necessary?”
  22. “Addicted? How about we intensify that a little?”
  23. “Beware, I’m told I’m a gateway drug.”
  24. “Hope you know, there’s no cure for this!”
  25. “Then let’s keep the supply going!”
  26. “I’m all yours, for all the right doses!”
  27. “Then it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere.”
  28. “I must be made of sugar then, because I’m too sweet!”
  29. “Be careful, I might just overdose you with love.”
  30. “Sounds serious, should we see a specialist?”
  31. “I’m no doctor, but I think you need more of me.”
  32. “Let’s keep this addiction mutual.”
  33. “Consider me your personal brand of happiness.”
  34. “You must be under the influence… of my love!”
  35. “I’m your vice, and I’m not letting go!”
  36. “May this addiction bring you joy.”
  37. “Warning: I may be habit-forming.”
  38. “Good thing I come with an unlimited supply.”
  39. “Your love is my drug of choice.”
  40. “Then overdose on me!”
  41. “I’m here to fuel your addiction.”
  42. “With me, relapse is encouraged.”
  43. “Seems like we have a delightful dependency!”
  44. “Is there a hotline for this addiction?”
  45. “Let’s savor every moment of this addiction.”
  46. “As long as you’re addicted to love, we’re good!”
  47. “Don’t worry, I’m a certified heart handler.”
  48. “I’m delighted to be your chosen obsession.”
  49. “Let’s not break this habit.”
  50. “Together, we’re overdose-worthy.”
  51. “Sounds like a lifelong commitment!”
  52. “I’m ready if you are for a lifetime subscription.”
  53. “Careful, I might just be the love of your life.”
  54. “Let’s make sure it’s a mutual addiction.”
  55. “Addiction never felt so right!”
  56. “This is one addiction I won’t fight.”
  57. “So, should we make it official?”
  58. “Let’s nurture this addiction with care.”
  59. “Glad to be your chosen one!”
  60. “Then I’ll be your forever fix.”
  61. In that case, I pledge to always keep you high on love.”
  62. “I’m glad to be your heart’s owner.”
  63. “Then let’s get lost in this addiction together.”
  64. “A little more of me to keep the doctor away!”
  65. “How about we increase the dosage?”
  66. “We’re each other’s favorite drug, it seems!”
  67. “Let’s ensure it’s the sweetest addiction ever.”
  68. “Your addiction is reciprocated!”
  69. “Let’s make it a beautiful dependence.”
  70. “Every day, a new dose of us.”
  71. “Hope you’re ready for the side effects!”
  72. “Then let’s make it worth the withdrawal.”
  73. “Ready to keep this addiction going strong?”
  74. “Love is our mutual addiction.”
  75. “I’ll be your comfort drug.”
  76. “Let’s overdose on happiness together!”
  77. “I promise to always be your best habit.”
  78. “Let’s not cure what makes us happy.”
  79. “Addicted? I’d say we’re devoted!”
  80. “Let’s cherish this dependency.”
  81. “Ready for a lifetime of this addiction.”
  82. “I’m your personal antidote to sadness.”
  83. “Then let’s make it an everlasting fix.”
  84. “Your addiction is my command.”
  85. “A sweet addiction I’m willing to keep.”
  86. “Let’s make this a healthy addiction.”
  87. “Our love is the sweetest of poisons.”
  88. “Addicted to you, and loving it!”
  89. “Just what the heart ordered.”
  90. “Let’s keep feeding this delightful addiction.”
  91. “Every moment with you is a hit.”
  92. “Being addicted to you is my pleasure!”
  93. “Then let’s be addicted to joy together.”
  94. “Your love is my chosen substance.”
  95. “Addicted? Absolutely, and unapologetically.”
  96. “Let’s indulge in this love endlessly.”
  97. “With you, addiction is a blessing.”
  98. “Here’s to being each other’s forever drug.”
  99. “Forever addicted to your love.”
  100. “Let’s keep this addiction alive and thrilling.”
  101. “Always craving more of you.”


With these responses, you can playfully acknowledge or deepen the sentiment when someone expresses their “addiction” to you. Whether you choose a light-hearted quip or a more serious declaration, these replies can help foster a sense of connection and affection.

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