37 Best Replies to “I Want to Be With You Forever”

The phrase “I Want to Be With You Forever” is a powerful expression of deep commitment and enduring love, typically used in romantic contexts. It conveys a desire for lifelong partnership and constant companionship. This article will explore 37 heartfelt replies that aptly respond to such a profound declaration, each crafted to reflect sincerity, affection, and mutual longing for a lasting relationship.

Best Replies to “I Want to Be With You Forever”

  1. “Forever sounds perfect with you.”
    A loving affirmation that the feeling is mutual and cherished.
  2. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”
    Expresses a long-held desire for a lifelong commitment with the person.
  3. “You’re my forever person.”
    Labels the partner as the one they intend to stay with indefinitely.
  4. “Let’s make forever start today.”
    A proactive and romantic proposal to begin their everlasting journey together.
  5. “And I will never stop wanting to be with you.”
    Reinforces a continual commitment to their partner.
  6. “With you, forever isn’t long enough.”
    Emphasizes how precious time with the partner is, suggesting even eternity wouldn’t suffice.
  7. “You have my heart for all eternity.”
    A poetic way to pledge one’s eternal love.
  8. “Every day with you is a blessing.”
    Acknowledges the joy that the partner brings into their life daily.
  9. “There’s no one else I’d rather spend forever with.”
    Confirms that the partner is their exclusive choice for a lifelong companion.
  10. “Forever with you would be a dream come true.”
    Illustrates the fulfillment of their deepest desires by being with their partner.
  11. “I’m yours, today and always.”
    Affirms their ongoing commitment and loyalty.
  12. “You make forever seem too short.”
    Suggests that a lifetime with the partner would pass by in a blissful instant.
  13. “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.”
    Shows they have been longing for such a commitment from their partner.
  14. “Let’s grow old together.”
    Envisions a shared future that includes aging together gracefully.
  15. “I promise to make our forever beautiful.”
    A commitment to actively work towards a happy and fulfilling lifelong relationship.
  16. “Yes, a thousand times yes!”
    An enthusiastic and joyous acceptance of the proposal to be together forever.
  17. “Our forever starts now.”
    Marks the present moment as the beginning of their lifelong journey together.
  18. “I can’t imagine a future without you.”
    Expresses how integral the partner is to their own vision of the future.
  19. “Let’s build a lifetime of memories.”
    A commitment to creating lasting, shared experiences throughout their lives.
  20. “Forever wouldn’t be long enough, but let’s start with that.”
    A playful yet sincere acknowledgment of their wish to be together eternally.
  21. “You are my forever home.”
    Equates the partner with a place of comfort, security, and enduring love.
  22. “I was meant to be with you.”
    Indicates a sense of destiny or fate in their relationship.
  23. “Every moment with you is precious.”
    Values the time spent together as invaluable and cherished.
  24. “Being with you forever is my only wish.”
    Identifies their deepest desire as maintaining their relationship indefinitely.
  25. “I love you more with each passing day.”
    Expresses how their love grows stronger over time, reinforcing the desire for permanence.
  26. “Let’s spend eternity learning about each other.”
    A romantic notion of continually deepening their understanding and bond.
  27. “Your love is all I need to be happy.”
    Affirms that the partner’s affection is the key to their happiness.
  28. “Let’s promise to always fight for us.”
    Commits to overcoming any challenges together to maintain their bond.
  29. “I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes.”
    A poetic expression of choosing their partner repeatedly across possible existences.
  30. “Every day is better because you’re in it.”
    Credits the partner with enhancing their daily life.
  31. “My love for you is endless.”
    Declares an infinite capacity for love towards their partner.
  32. “Forever feels right with you.”
    Expresses a natural and confident choice in being with their partner perpetually.
  33. “I’ll always be by your side.”
    A promise of unwavering support and companionship.
  34. “You’re my end and my beginning.”
    Symbolizes that their partner is integral to their life’s journey.
  35. “To infinity and beyond with you.”
    Infuses a playful tone borrowed from popular culture, emphasizing an enduring adventure.
  36. “Every heartbeat belongs to you.”
    A romantic metaphor indicating deep emotional connection and commitment.
  37. “Let’s turn ‘forever’ into our everyday reality.”
    Suggests making their shared aspiration of perpetual togetherness a daily truth.


Replying to “I Want to Be With You Forever” with sincerity and creativity can significantly reinforce a romantic bond. The 37 replies listed offer a variety of ways to enthusiastically accept and reciprocate this profound declaration of love, each crafted to deepen the connection and affirm a shared future.

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