29 Best Responses to “I Beg Your Pardon”

The phrase “I Beg Your Pardon” is a formal, polite way of expressing that one did not hear or understand what was said and is requesting a repetition or clarification. In our guide, 29 Best Responses to I Beg Your Pardon, we explore a variety of alternatives that maintain the courtesy this phrase embodies. Each response offers a nuanced way to ensure clear communication while preserving politeness and respect in conversation.

Best Responses to “I Beg Your Pardon”

1. Could you please repeat that?
This is a polite way of asking someone to say something again because you did not hear or understand them the first time.

2. Pardon me, could you clarify?
A courteous request for elaboration or further explanation on what was just said.

3. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.
Indicates that you didn’t hear or understand what was said, asking indirectly for a repetition.

4. Would you mind repeating that, please?
A polite way to ask for something to be said again, emphasizing manners.

5. Could you say that one more time?
A straightforward request for repetition, without implying any fault on either side.

6. I’m sorry, what was that?
Shows you didn’t hear or understand, with a slight apology for the inconvenience.

7. Excuse me, I didn’t quite get that.
Implies that you heard something but didn’t fully grasp the information or intention.

8. Can you elaborate on that?
Asks for more details or a clearer explanation, showing interest in understanding fully.

9. I beg your pardon, could you explain further?
Echoes the original phrase with a request for additional information or clarification.

10. Sorry, could you specify what you mean?
Seeks precision or a particular detail that was not clear in the initial statement.

11. Can you speak up a bit?
A polite request for the speaker to talk louder, useful in noisy environments.

12. I must have misheard you, can you repeat that?
Implies a misunderstanding or misinterpretation, asking for clarification without blaming.

13. Could you rephrase that, please?
Asks for the same information but in different words, indicating confusion or a desire for clarity.

14. My apologies, but could you say that differently?
Shows politeness and the need for clarification by asking for the same content in new words.

15. What do you mean by that?
Directly asks for the meaning behind the words, indicating a gap in understanding.

16. I’m sorry, could you go over that again?
A polite way to ask for repetition, emphasizing the request with an apology.

17. Could you give me a bit more context?
Seeks additional background information or details to better understand the initial statement.

18. Can you please clarify your last point?
A specific request for explanation or detail about the last part of what was said.

19. Sorry, I’m not quite with you. Could you explain?
Expresses a lack of understanding and asks for an explanation in a polite manner.

20. I didn’t understand that, can we go back a bit?
Requests a return to a previous point or detail that was not clear.

21. Could we slow down for a second? I didn’t get that.
Asks for a pause or slowdown in conversation to catch up and understand better.

22. I’m confused, could you help me understand?
Directly states confusion and requests assistance in understanding.

23. Excuse me, but I need a little more explanation.
Politely states the need for further explanation without implying any deficiency on either party.

24. Could you simplify that for me?
Asks for a more straightforward or less complex explanation of the topic.

25. Would you mind providing an example?
Seeks a concrete example to better understand the abstract or complex topic mentioned.

26. I’m not sure I follow. Can you elaborate?
Indicates a lack of understanding and asks for further detail or explanation.

27. Sorry, can you repeat that in layman’s terms?
Requests that the explanation be made simpler or more understandable to a general audience.

28. I’m having trouble understanding. Could we go over it once more?
Expresses difficulty in comprehension and asks for a repetition or further explanation.

29. Could you spell that out for me?
A request for very clear, simple explanation or literally asking for something to be spelled out if not understood.


Navigating conversations with grace and clarity is essential, and our compilation of “29 Best Responses to I Beg Your Pardon” offers a toolkit for respectful and understanding interactions. By choosing the right response from our list, you can enhance dialogue, ensuring that every exchange is as smooth and comprehensible as possible.

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