Difference between develop or develope

In the English language, words often evolve and adopt various forms, leading to common confusions, such as the case with develop and develope. This article aims to clarify these terms, focusing on their grammatical aspects, origins, pronunciation, and usage within sentences. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of these terms in a manner that’s accessible and engaging.

Quick Facts Table

UsageWidely AcceptedRarely Used/Obsolete
Part of SpeechVerbVerb (Missspelling)
DefinitionTo grow or cause to growIncorrect spelling of develop

Difference Between Develop and Develope

Definition of Develop

Develop is a verb that refers to the process of growing, expanding, or becoming more mature, complex, or elaborate. It can pertain to various contexts, including physical growth, the progression of ideas, the expansion of businesses, or the advancement of technologies.

Definition of Develope

Develope is often considered a misspelling of develop. Although it may have been used in earlier forms of English or in specific dialectical instances, modern standard English recognizes develop as the correct spelling.

Origin of Develop

The word develop originates from the Old French desveloper, which means to unwrap or unfurl, a metaphorical extension to growth or expansion over time.

Origin of Develope

The origin of develope aligns with that of develop, stemming from the same Old French root. Its variation in spelling reflects historical inconsistencies in English orthography, which have since been standardized.


  • Develop: /dɪˈvɛləp/
  • Develope: The pronunciation matches that of develop due to its nature as a misspelling.

Comparing Develop and Develope

The comparison between develop and develope is straightforward, primarily concerning spelling and acceptability in modern English.

AcceptabilityAcceptedConsidered a misspelling
Usage ContextAll contextsIncorrect usage

Usage in Sentences with Explanations

Use of Develop in Sentences

  1. The child developed a keen interest in science. (Indicates growth in interest)
  2. We aim to develop a new software application by next year. (Refers to the creation process)
  3. The plot develops slowly in the novel. (Describes progression)
  4. She developed a method to purify water efficiently. (Indicates invention or creation)
  5. The company is developing rapidly in the tech industry. (Refers to expansion)

Use of Develope in Sentences

Given that develope is a misspelling, its use is generally incorrect. Instead, sentences intended for develope should use develop.


Understanding the difference between develop and develope is essential for proper English usage. Develop is the correct form, widely accepted and utilized across various contexts to indicate growth, expansion, or progression. Develope, on the other hand, is a common misspelling and not recognized in standard English. Recognizing such distinctions enhances clarity and accuracy in communication.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is “develope” ever correct to use?
    • No, “develope” is considered a misspelling in modern English.
  • Can “develop” be used in various contexts?
    • Yes, “develop” applies to physical, intellectual, business, and technological growth or expansion.
  • Why do some people spell it as “develope”?
    • It may stem from historical spelling variations or simple spelling errors.
  • How can I remember the correct spelling?
    • Remember that “develop” lacks the extra “e” at the end, which aligns with most modern English spelling conventions.
  • Does “develop” have different meanings?
    • Yes, “develop” can indicate growth, expansion, or the process of making something more complex or detailed.

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