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Difference Between Bellow or Below

Bellow or Below

The words “bellow” and “below” are distinct in both meaning and usage, serving different functions in the English language. “Bellow” is a verb that refers to the action of emitting a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger, or to make a sound similar to a bull. On the other hand, “below” is a preposition or adverb that indicates a lower position or level.

bellow definition
Part of SpeechVerbPreposition, Adverb
DefinitionTo emit a deep loud roar, typically as a way of expressing distress or angerAt a lower level or layer than
UsageUsed to describe the action of making a loud, deep noiseUsed to indicate something being in a lower position or level
ExampleThe wounded animal bellowed in pain.“The treasure was buried below the surface.”

Difference Between Bellow and Below

Definition of Bellow

"Bellow" is primarily used as a verb, describing the act of making a powerful, deep sound, often associated with animals like bulls or as a way for humans to express strong emotions.

Definition of Below

"Below" functions as a preposition or an adverb, denoting a position or location that is lower in relation to another point of reference. It can also imply a lower status or degree.

Use in Context

  • Bellow: Can be used metaphorically to describe any similar loud, deep sound made by machines or natural phenomena, in addition to its literal use.
  • Below: Indicates spatial relationships, hierarchical statuses, temperature differences, and other situations where comparison levels are involved.


  • Bellow: Pronounced as /ˈbɛloʊ/, with a strong emphasis on the first syllable.
  • Below: Pronounced as /bɪˈloʊ/, with the emphasis on the second syllable, distinguishing it from “bellow.”

Usage in Sentences with Explanations

Use of Bellow in Sentences

  1. The crowd bellowed in outrage at the unfair decision.
    • “Bellow” is used to describe a collective loud outcry expressing anger.
  2. He could hear the engines bellow as the plane took off.
    • Here, “bellow” metaphorically describes the loud noise produced by airplane engines.

Use of Below in Sentences

  1. The temperature dipped below freezing overnight.
    • “Below” indicates a position lower than the freezing point on the temperature scale.
  2. You’ll find the serial number on the label below the barcode.
    • Indicates the physical location of the serial number in relation to the barcode.


“Bellow” and “below” serve very different purposes in English, with the former relating to the action of making a loud, deep noise and the latter indicating a lower position or level. Recognizing the distinction between these two terms is essential for clear and precise communication.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can “bellow” be used as a noun?
    • Yes, “bellow” can also be a noun referring to the sound produced when someone or something bellows.
  • Is “below” ever used in contexts other than physical location?
    • Absolutely, “below” can refer to being lower in rank, quality, or degree, among other non-physical comparisons.
  • How can I remember the difference between “bellow” and “below”?
    • Associate “bellow” with the “bellows” of a bull or a loud sound, which both start with “bell,” and “below” with “low” to remember its relation to position or level.
  • Are there any common phrases or idioms using “bellow” or “below”?
    • For “below,” phrases like “below the belt” (unfairly critical) and “below the radar” (not detected or noticed) are common. There aren’t many idiomatic expressions with “bellow,” as it’s more straightforward in its usage.
below sea level


What is the difference between bellow and below?

Bellow is a verb that means to shout or roar loudly, while below is a preposition that means at a lower level or position than someone or something.

Can you provide some synonyms for the word bellow?

Yes, synonyms for bellow include roar, shout, yell, and howl.

How can I use bellow in a sentence?

Here’s an example sentence using bellow: The lion let out a loud bellow, warning the other animals of its presence.

What does the word below signify?

Below is a preposition that indicates a lower level or position than someone or something.

Give me an example of using below in a sentence.

Sure, here’s an example sentence using below: The submarine dove below the surface of the water.

How can I use below sea level in a sentence?

Here’s an example sentence using below sea level: The city of New Orleans is located below sea level, making it prone to flooding.

What does the phrase “below ground” mean?

Below ground refers to something that is located beneath the surface of the Earth.

When is the term “below average” used?

Below average is used to describe something that falls beneath the typical or expected standard or level.

What does “below the belt” mean?

Below the belt is an idiomatic expression that refers to something unfair, cruel, or unkind.

When is the term “below normal” used?

Below normal is used to describe something that is less than the usual or expected level or standard.

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