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Difference between apartment or appartment

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In the English language, spelling plays a crucial role in ensuring clarity and precision. Two terms that often get mixed up are apartment and appartment. The former is the correct spelling, while the latter is a common misspelling. This distinction is essential for effective communication, especially in written contexts.

Quick Facts Table

Correct SpellingYesNo
UsageRefers to a self-contained housing unitIncorrect spelling of apartment
Common inReal estate, housing discussionsTypographical errors

Difference Between Apartment OR Appartment

Definition of Apartment

An apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies part of a building, typically on a single story.

Definition of Appartment

Appartment is a common misspelling of apartment and does not have a definition of its own.

Origin of Apartment

The word apartment comes from the Italian word appartamento, which is derived from the Latin appartamentum, meaning a separated space.

Origin of Appartment

Appartment does not have an origin per se, as it is simply a misspelling of apartment.


  • Apartment: /əˈpɑːrtmənt/
  • Appartment: Since appartment is a misspelling, it would theoretically be pronounced the same as apartment, but it is not a recognized word.

Comparing Apartment and Appartment

Spelling AccuracyCorrectIncorrect
Usage in EnglishWidely used and recognizedNot recognized
Contexts of UseReal estate, housing, living spacesTypographical errors, misunderstandings

Usage in Sentences with Explanations

Use of Apartment in Sentences

  1. I recently moved into a new apartment with a great view of the city.
    • Explains someone moving to a different living space within a building.
  2. They are looking for an apartment close to work to reduce commute time.
    • Describes the search for a housing unit based on location preferences.
  3. The apartment complex has a pool and a gym for residents.
    • Highlights amenities available in a multi-unit residential building.
  4. Renting an apartment can be more affordable than buying a house in some cities.
    • Compares housing options in terms of cost.
  5. She decorated her apartment to reflect her personal style.
    • Describes personalizing a living space.

Use of Appartment in Sentences

Since appartment is a misspelling, it should not be used in sentences. Instead, correct spelling should always be employed to maintain clarity and professionalism in communication.


Understanding the difference between apartment and appartment is essential for clear communication, especially in writing. Apartment refers to a specific type of housing unit, while appartment is a misspelling of the word. Recognizing and correcting such spelling errors is crucial in maintaining the accuracy and professionalism of written language.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is the correct spelling, apartment or appartment?
    • Apartment is the correct spelling.
  • Can appartment be considered an alternative spelling?
    • No, appartment is not an accepted alternative spelling; it is simply a misspelling of apartment.
  • Why is spelling important in English?
    • Correct spelling ensures clear communication and avoids misunderstandings in written language.
  • How can I remember the correct spelling of apartment?
    • Remember that apartment has one ‘p’, similar to how a building has one foundation; this visualization can help retain the correct spelling.
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